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We took a trekking to Jenukallu Gudda (jenukal Gudda) which is located in Sakleshpur Taluk but we can travel from Mudigere Taluk also, yes road condition is far better when it is compared to Mudigere and it is near too, we have started all the way from Hassan District and we have reached sakleshpur around 7:40 AM it is 40 KM away from district place, we had our breakfast at Srinivasa Hotel near NH road, later we took our way to Hanubalu Road, which is on the way to Mangalore road (NH 75), While passing on NH 75 near Anemahal, you will notice a small board on right side stating Hanubal road (You Could ask localities for more accurately to route) , take right turn from their, then the golden journey begins, you will enjoy the Natures best place where the green stands as long as mountains.

We have crossed Hebbasale, Raxidi, Hanbalu and we have reached devaladakere, then we headed towards devarunda raod to reach Devarunda, you will see the board mentioned as “Bairaveshwara temple” (Before Devarunda), we just followed the board direction and we have reached the below place Bairaveshwara temple of Devarunda which comes in mularahalli and Mekanagadde area.

We have started to trek the Jenukallu gudda around 9:30 AM we have followed the vehicle road to track the way to jenukal gudda , we were thinking we can reach the top of the mountain easily as we reached Ettina bhuja, NO 🙁 we were wrong, taking one foot step is hard on these mountains, because shallow depth of grass which is 1.5 to 2 feet, i suggest to carry 2 liter water per person before you completely dried out. We have also trek the nearby mountain, it’s evening around 4:00 PM we have reached nearby home-stay where we got refreshed and way back to our home saying good bye to the fantastic journey.

Note : In Monsoon Leeches will be common and problematic for trekking, winter or Summer is the best seasons to visit this place..